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Original design increases fabric added value


The design can greatly increase the added value of the fabric , but at present the overall design level of Shaoxing County is still relatively backward, and the design content of the fabric is relatively low. It is gratifying that many textile fabric companies in Shaoxing County have begun to see this. In recent years, they have been exploring and pursuing the combination of design and technology, using new materials, new technologies and new processes to develop new products.

"Also printed on chiffon or satin cloth fabric, our company's products at least higher than the average market price of goods Sichengyishang because our printing quality and effectiveness is not the same, and all from the original flower design, even spend more The money can't be bought anywhere else." Chen Yuming, general manager of Zhejiang Red Green Blue Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., said that the red, green and blue company has just been put into production for more than a year, and it is also the old road, taking orders from foreign trade companies and copying flowers according to the requirements of the other party. Type, and then, like many companies, negotiate with customers at the lowest price, without the initiative, sometimes, the hard work of a month, the customer is denied. Because it can be done here, other places can do it. In order to win customers, everyone competes at low prices.

Aware of the importance of original design, “Red, Green and Blue” began to take the road of independent research and development, and hired designers from Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and other countries to form a multi-national design professional team of more than 20 people. Hundreds of original new models, suitable for different customers, different areas of aesthetic characteristics. Now, red, green and blue products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world. Many world-famous first-line brands have established business relationships with red, green and blue. The profit margin of products has reached more than 40%, and some even reached 60%.

“Red, Green and Blue” is a successful example of Shaoxing County textile fabric enterprises on the original road. In addition to the original pattern, many fabric companies also carry out original research and development from raw materials and processes.

Zhejiang Yizhenjin Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile fabric enterprise mainly engaged in jacquard fabrics. In recent years, the company has improved the craftsmanship of jacquard fabrics with special features, so that jacquard fabrics have the characteristics of printed fabrics, and use the tradition of bronzing and embroidery in jacquard. Crafts, its fabrics are optimistic about the apparel industry, and become a designated fabric supplier for many well-known clothing brands.

The sports and leisure fabrics developed by Shaoxing Jinpai Textile Fabric Co., Ltd. last year were called “ecological fabrics” by customers for their breathability and sterilization. The bronzing fabrics of Shaoxing Dongjin Co., Ltd. are all exported to South Korea, and the products are about 20% higher than similar fabrics. General Manager Jin Hongdong believes that nowadays, the materials for apparel fabric design are almost all-encompassing, not only traditional cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other natural fibers, polyester, acrylic, spandex and other synthetic fibers, viscose, acetate, ketone ammonia. Recycled fibers , including natural colored cotton, natural bamboo fiber and other new fibers and textured yarns, fancy yarns , and even into the field of non-woven materials such as wood, plastic, paper, rope, glass. The special texture, luster and form of these new materials give the fabric a new look. Fabric design and development, to break the influence of traditional thinking, bold innovation, not follow the fashion, but to lead the fashion, ahead of the curve, which we need to fabrics business to the world, understand the world, bold and innovative, bold attempt.

The industry believes that in recent years, textile enterprises in Shaoxing County have begun to pay attention to original design, and more and more new attempts at patterns, processes and raw materials. Shaoxing County has the largest textile market in Asia. It should become a window for textile fabric information and innovation. Local companies have the responsibility to lead this trend, thus truly innovating the most popular fabrics, making Keqiao truly become the world's popular publishing place for fabrics.

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